Happy National Adoption Month!

November 8, 2019 | By Leslie B. Spoltore

November has been declared National Adoption Month with November 23rd designated specifically as National Adoption Day. According to the U.S.  Department of Health & Human Services, “ The designation of National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day serve to raise awareness about the thousands of children in foster care across the country who await permanent, loving homes and families. “During the initiative month, many national, State, and local agencies as well as foster, kinship care, and adoptive family groups will help educate their communities through programs, events, and activities that help raise awareness about the thousands of children and youth currently in foster care who are waiting for their own permanent, loving families.” This year’s theme is “Youth Voices: Why Family Matters.”

Adoption Month is significant locally as well. According to the Delaware Department  of Services for Children, Youth and their Families, on any given day there are approximately 50 children in Delaware waiting for an adoptive family. Portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware can be viewed in Delaware’s Heart Gallery.

If you are considering adoption in Delaware, please contact Leslie Spoltore for a consultation.

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