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November is National Adoption Month!

Posted in Adoption, Custody, Delaware, Support
November has been declared National Adoption Month with November 18th designated specifically as National Adoption Day.  The designation of National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day serve to raise awareness about the thousands of children in foster care across the country who await permanent, loving homes and families. This year’s National Adoption Month theme is “In Their Own Words: Lifting Up… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Child Support and Adjustments for Extra Expenses

Posted in Child Support, Pennsylvania, Support
Pennsylvania law requires that child and spousal support be awarded pursuant to a statewide guideline. The state uses a formula to calculate the obligor’s share of basic child support. On top of the basic child support the court may make adjustments to the basic support obligation and may allocate between the parties the additional expenses.… Continue Reading

What are my Custodial Rights and Financial Responsibilities Toward my Eighteen Year Old Child?

Posted in Custody, Pennsylvania, Support
In a few short weeks, many children will be graduating from high school and will embark upon the next chapter of their lives. Whether that choice includes college, trade school, or the work force, as a divorced parent, how does this milestone affect your custodial rights and financial responsibilities toward your child?… Continue Reading

How to Obtain Financial Support During a Divorce in New Jersey

Posted in New Jersey, Separation, Support, Uncategorized
Many people facing divorce are nervous about filing the complaint for divorce because they are worried they won’t have enough money during the divorce litigation. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers, Shari B. Veisblatt and Amy Rukuson, discuss a motion that they can file early on in your case that will protect you during the divorce.  To see more helpful… Continue Reading

What the New Alimony Law in New Jersey Means for You

Posted in Alimony, New Jersey, Support
On September 10, 2014, Governor Chris Christie signed an alimony reform bill into law, which makes significant changes to the New Jersey alimony statute, N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23. While the new law does not create alimony guidelines, it imposes restrictions on the duration of alimony and provides guidance on when alimony may be reduced, suspended or terminated.… Continue Reading

How do I get a “legal separation” in Pennsylvania?

Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Marital Property, Pennsylvania, Separation, Support
You don’t! Unlike several other states, Pennsylvania does not require separating parties to go to court and request that a judge issue a formal decree separating the parties. Rather, separating parties in Pennsylvania may enter in to private agreements, setting forth the terms of their separation. Common issues that arise during the separation period are… Continue Reading

File for Divorce Now—or Wait?

Posted in Alimony, Divorce, Support, Uncategorized
Many people struggle emotionally with the decision to file a divorce complaint.  Divorce is not something that anyone pursues lightly. Most people want to be sure that they have exhausted every effort to work issues out with their spouses before they file for divorce. For those people who are struggling with the decision, attention should be… Continue Reading

Show Me the Money! Are You Required to Prove How You Spend Child Support Payments?

Posted in Child Support, Support
Recently, Grammy Award winning rapper Clifford Harris—better known as T.I.—was back in court, but in a turn of events he wasn’t battling his usual criminal charges, instead, Mr. Harris appeared in family court to contest his ex-girlfriend’s, Lashon Dixon, petition to increase child support. Ms. Dixon has primary physical custody of the pair’s two sons… Continue Reading

Forced Sex During Marriage Can Lead to a Protection From Abuse Order

Posted in Divorce, Protection from Abuse, Support, Uncategorized
Did you know that a spouse can get a protection from abuse order against the other for forced sex? That is what happened in the recent case of Boykai v. Young, 2004 Pa. Super. 4 (January 7, 2014). In Pennsylvania, the Protection from Abuse Act exists to prevent and protect individuals from abuse. The Protection from Abuse Act… Continue Reading