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What Everyone Needs to Know About Divorce Workshop

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Second Saturday Workshop – What Everyone Needs to Know About Divorce Presented by Shari Veisblatt and Amy Rokuson The workshop will feature professionals who can provide answers to those enduring divorce as well as offer the opportunity to explore the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce; discover resources available to help divorcees; and talk… Continue Reading

How to Obtain Financial Support During a Divorce in New Jersey

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Many people facing divorce are nervous about filing the complaint for divorce because they are worried they won’t have enough money during the divorce litigation. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers, Shari B. Veisblatt and Amy Rukuson, discuss a motion that they can file early on in your case that will protect you during the divorce.  To see more helpful… Continue Reading

DOL Expands FMLA Rights to Same-Sex Marriages: Are You Prepared for the March 27, 2015 Rollout?

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If you are in a same-sex marriage that is legally recognized, we believe you will find this post by our guest bloggers, Terri Gillespie and Eric Greco from Obermayer’s Labor Relations & Employment Law Department, to be informative. On February 25, 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced its intention to make a critical modification… Continue Reading

Are You My “Legal” Father? Establishing Paternity in Pennsylvania

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With many couples choosing to cohabitate and forgo the tradition of marriage, the number of unmarried fathers has skyrocketed. Last year, the federal government reported that 40.7% of all 2012 births were “out-of-wedlock.” In Pennsylvania, paternity is automatically established if the parents of a child are married, but the same is not true when the… Continue Reading

I have texts and Facebook posts that prove my spouse is cheating. Does this get admitted in my divorce case?

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In a previous blog we posted about a spouses cheating and whether it’s a crime to spy on them. Following up with that post: On many occasions clients have wanted to know if the texts they have or the emails or Facebook posts depicting affairs or obscene behavior of their spouse will help them with… Continue Reading

I think my spouse is cheating. Is it a crime to spy on them?

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Unexplained absences, secretive phone calls, late nights at the office – all telltale signs that your spouse may be up to no good. With advances in technology it has become easier and easier for suspicious spouses to snoop on their spouses activities and whereabouts. However, spies beware! In Pennsylvania, criminal wiretapping laws prohibit the interception… Continue Reading

Child Custody: Do grandparents have rights to custody of their grandchildren in Pennsylvania?

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In 2011, the law in Pennsylvania changed as to the rights of grandparents to have custody of the grandchildren. Grandparents have the right to file an action for ANY form of physical or legal of custody if the following conditions are met: The relationship with the child began with the consent of a parent or… Continue Reading

File for Divorce Now—or Wait?

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Many people struggle emotionally with the decision to file a divorce complaint.  Divorce is not something that anyone pursues lightly. Most people want to be sure that they have exhausted every effort to work issues out with their spouses before they file for divorce. For those people who are struggling with the decision, attention should be… Continue Reading

Forced Sex During Marriage Can Lead to a Protection From Abuse Order

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Did you know that a spouse can get a protection from abuse order against the other for forced sex? That is what happened in the recent case of Boykai v. Young, 2004 Pa. Super. 4 (January 7, 2014). In Pennsylvania, the Protection from Abuse Act exists to prevent and protect individuals from abuse. The Protection from Abuse Act… Continue Reading

Settlement Agreements: What if Your Former Spouse is Not Complying?

Posted in New Jersey, Uncategorized
Going through the divorce process is extremely difficult. Remembering that “this too shall pass” is a mantra that clients often find helpful. Unfortunately, not all divorces end upon receiving the Final Judgment of Divorce. So, what happens when your spouse refuses to comply with the terms of the agreement that you have reached? Not to worry, there is… Continue Reading