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Is it Possible to Undo My Divorce?

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You and your spouse signed the settlement agreement, the court entered your divorce, a few weeks or months have gone by, but now you regret some or all of the terms of your divorce.  Maybe you think you could have gotten more money from your spouse, maybe you think you were pressured into entering into the agreement or maybe you wish you had hired an attorney to look over the papers before you signed them – is there anything  you can do now? Continue Reading


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This is a question that I am often asked—and for good reason.  The divorce process can be emotionally and economically draining.  Simply put, no one wants to litigate for longer than he/she needs to. Many people that I talk to believe that there is no real answer to this question, i.e. divorce always has to be a long and painful process—like a rite of passage. Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Wiretap Laws in the Wake of the West/Swift Snapchat Debacle

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Last month, a recorded conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift was posted by video on Snapchat by Kim Kardashian West. The video post contained discussions between West and Swift surrounding lyrics from West’s “Famous” soundtrack.  Not knowing the conversation was being recorded, the Wests may now be criminally charged and Swift may be able to sue them civilly, under tort privacy laws.    Continue Reading

Divorce Settlement Meetings – Tips for Success

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Clients often think that once attorneys are involved in a divorce case it automatically means that they will not be able to settle their case without court intervention. However, even when attorneys are involved, cases settle out of court. A ‘four-way meeting’ (as we often refer to these conferences) is a session where the attorneys and the clients meet with the idea that the parties will attempt to come to a resolution. Continue Reading

My Child is Turning 18. . . Do I Have an Obligation to Pay Child Support?

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Judicial 3d gavel and piggy bankIn Pennsylvania, once a child turns 18, he or she no longer is subject to the jurisdiction of family court and therefore the child can chose where he or she resides. However, if the child is attending high school a parent has a duty to support that child until he or she graduates high school.  In the event the child is under 18 when he or she graduates high school the duty to support extends until the child’s 18th birthday.  Continue Reading

Can I Sue My Former Spouse For Destroying My Relationship With My Children?

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Sometimes in custody disputes, one parent attempts to get a leg up in the custody case by bad-mouthing the other parent to the children. Additionally, in more extreme cases, a parent in a litigation may even try to persuade a child to make false claims of abuse or neglect against the other parent.  Courts take these matters very seriously and this type of behavior is strictly prohibited.  In New Jersey, judges will often include a “Childrens’ Bill of Rights” directly into court orders to prohibit parents from discussing any litigation or drawing their children into disputes with the other parent.  Unfortunately, because these activities occur behind the scenes, it can be difficult to prove that these events are actually occurring. Continue Reading

How Much is a Fifteen Month Marriage Worth? (Depp and Heard Divorce)

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It appears Johnny Depp’s marriage to actress, Amber Heard, will soon end in divorce. Heard recently filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences,” a mere fifteen months after she exchanged   wedding vows with Depp. Since the pair did not enter into any prenuptial agreements, Heard is seeking both equitable distribution and spousal support from Depp.

Should a marriage of such short duration result in the entrance of a spousal support award? Not necessarily, according to Pennsylvania support guidelines.  Under Rule 1910.16-5(b)(8) when determining  the amount of spousal support, and whether or not to deviate from the Pennsylvania guideline amount of support, the trier of fact shall consider the duration of the marriage from the date of marriage until the date of final separation.  Additionally, under Rule 1910.16-1(c) (2) when determining the duration of the award for spousal support, the trier of fact shall consider the duration of the marriage from the date of marriage until the date of final separation.  The purpose of these provisions is to prevent the unfairness that arises in a short-term marriage when the obligor is required to pay spousal support to the obligee for a substantially longer period of time than the parties’ were married. Continue Reading

How to Obtain Financial Support During a Divorce in New Jersey

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Many people facing divorce are nervous about filing the complaint for divorce because they are worried they won’t have enough money during the divorce litigation. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers, Shari B. Veisblatt and Amy Rukuson, discuss a motion that they can file early on in your case that will protect you during the divorce. 

To see more helpful videos about New Jersey divorce and child support, please visit our YouTube Channel at Obermayer New Jersey Divorce & Child Support Videos.

Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLPShari B. Veisblatt represents clients in all aspects and stages of matrimonial litigation, including divorce and separation, custody, child and spousal support, equitable distribution and alimony and domestic abuse. She works out of the firm’s Cherry Hill, NJ office and can be reached at 856-857-1431 or at Shari.Veisblatt@obermayer.com.



Amy RokusonAmy L. Rokuson focuses her practice on matrimonial law, including divorce, child custody, parenting time, alimony, child support, domestic violence issues and same-sex divorce and custody matters. Her practice is located in Obermayer’s Cherry Hill office. She can be reached at 856-857-1435 or at Amy.Rokuson@obermayer.com.


Will the Preference of the Child Have Any Bearing on a Custody Case?

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Pennsylvania family law attorney, Robert Whitelaw, answers the questions: Will the preference of the child have any bearing on a custody case?  & Will my child have to be interviewed if a custody matter is heard in court?

Whitelaw, Bob Robert I Whitelaw has extensive experience in a wide variety of issues relating to marriage and family law, including division of property, alimony, tax matters, child custody, visitation and support, prenuptial agreements, adoption and paternity and same-sex divorce and custody matters. He was selected by Best Lawyers in America and was named as one of Pennsylvania’s Top 100 Lawyers and Philadelphia’s Top 100 Lawyers by Super Lawyers®, 2010 Family Lawyer of the Year Law and a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Mr. Whitelaw works out of Obermayer’s Philadelphia, PA office and he can be reached 215-665-3206 or at Robert.Whitelaw@obermayer.com.