Unusual Marital Assets – Delaware License Plates

December 11, 2018 | By Leslie B. Spoltore

Divorce cases can involve an array of marital assets.  And, what is valuable may change from one state to another.  Delawareans, for example, have an abiding love of low digit license plates.  As reported in The News Journal, “Because of Delaware’s unique vehicle-registration rules, a cottage industry of auctions and sales for the state’s lowest numbers tags has developed during past decades. And, it isn’t actually the physical plate that is purchased, but instead it is the right to register with the state the low number on the plate.”  This cottage industry can have some hefty price tags. In August, 2018 the right to register one particular plate sold for more than $400,000.  So, if you are itemizing your marital estate, don’t forget to check your car.  It may be hard to believe, but you may have something of value there.

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