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Pennsylvania Child Support and Adjustments for Extra Expenses

Posted in Child Support, Pennsylvania, Support
Pennsylvania law requires that child and spousal support be awarded pursuant to a statewide guideline. The state uses a formula to calculate the obligor’s share of basic child support. On top of the basic child support the court may make adjustments to the basic support obligation and may allocate between the parties the additional expenses.… Continue Reading

Enforcing Court Orders in Family Law

Posted in Child Support, Divorce, Enforement, New Jersey
What happens when your former spouse or ex-partner refuses to comply with a court order? After going through a difficult court proceeding and draining your bank account to pay legal fees, it is very frustrating when the adverse party refuses to cooperate.  A court order can feel meaningless.  Here are a few things that you… Continue Reading

New Jersey’s “New” Termination of Child Support Statute

Posted in Child Support, Emancipation, New Jersey
On February 1, 2017, New Jersey’s “new” Termination of Child Support Statute went into effect. The new statute, N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67, which was signed into law on January 19, 2016 by Governor Christie, has potential to dramatically impact the duration of child support obligations in New Jersey. The new statute applies to all orders issued prior… Continue Reading

Family Law for Unmarried Parents: Relief From the Court for Your Child

Posted in Child Support, New Jersey
Our Cherry Hill child support lawyers are frequently asked questions regarding family law matters for unmarried individuals, such as “How do I seek relief from the court regarding my child if I am not married?” There have been a lot of changes in the court system about how these matters are now handled. For example,… Continue Reading

How do I get a “legal separation” in Pennsylvania?

Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Marital Property, Pennsylvania, Separation, Support
You don’t! Unlike several other states, Pennsylvania does not require separating parties to go to court and request that a judge issue a formal decree separating the parties. Rather, separating parties in Pennsylvania may enter in to private agreements, setting forth the terms of their separation. Common issues that arise during the separation period are… Continue Reading

Show Me the Money! Are You Required to Prove How You Spend Child Support Payments?

Posted in Child Support, Support
Recently, Grammy Award winning rapper Clifford Harris—better known as T.I.—was back in court, but in a turn of events he wasn’t battling his usual criminal charges, instead, Mr. Harris appeared in family court to contest his ex-girlfriend’s, Lashon Dixon, petition to increase child support. Ms. Dixon has primary physical custody of the pair’s two sons… Continue Reading