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Can I Obtain Full Custody of my Kids?

Posted in Custody
Potential new clients often tell me that they want “full custody” of their child/ren when they are facing a possible divorce/separation. When I delve a little further into what these clients are actually looking for, i.e. what they believe “full custody” means, I get a wide array of different answers.  My simple answer to their… Continue Reading

Parental Alienation in High Conflict Custody Cases

Posted in Custody, Pennsylvania
One of the most challenging aspects of divorce for parents is learning to move past the marital conflict in order to promote a healthy relationship between the children and a soon-to-be ex. All too often, in high conflict divorce, parents lose sight of how their behavior towards one another affects their children. Regardless of how… Continue Reading

The Trials of Co-Parenting with a Histrionic Personality

Posted in Custody
Co-parenting a child with a divorced spouse is difficult enough, but what do you do when your divorced spouse is diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder? The characteristics of this disorder are that the person exhibits extreme emotions, self-dramatization, self-centeredness, shallow emotions, and constant approval seeking and attention from others.  In most histrionic diagnoses, the person… Continue Reading

Under New Jersey’s New Child Relocation Standard, Best Interests is King

Posted in Custody, New Jersey, Relocation
In a much anticipated decision issued on August 8, 2017, the Supreme Court of New Jersey in Bisbing v. Bisbing overturned the well-established standard applied by courts in determining whether a primary custodian should be permitted to relocate out-of-state with a minor child. The Bisbing Court abandoned the two-prong test for relocation which the Court… Continue Reading

Registration of Out of State Custody Orders

Posted in Custody
Most states have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). This Act requires one state court to recognize the custody order of another state court.  In order for an out of state custody order to be recognized and enforced by another state, it must first be “registered.”  This entails the filing of… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody, Relocation
School placement for children during and after a divorce can be a very contentious topic between spouses. Addressing educational opportunities and placements for the children is a vital step in resolving custody and parenting time issues.  During a custody case if you are contemplating changing schools or districts for your child it is imperative that… Continue Reading

What are my Custodial Rights and Financial Responsibilities Toward my Eighteen Year Old Child?

Posted in Custody, Pennsylvania, Support
In a few short weeks, many children will be graduating from high school and will embark upon the next chapter of their lives. Whether that choice includes college, trade school, or the work force, as a divorced parent, how does this milestone affect your custodial rights and financial responsibilities toward your child?… Continue Reading

If You Have Plans to Travel with Your Children This Summer Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know

Posted in Custody
  DOES YOUR CUSTODY AGREEMENT OR ORDER PROVIDE FOR EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION – Most custody orders require parents to exchange information regarding travel with the children. Generally you will need to provide, in writing, the itinerary, including dates of travel, flight information, if applicable, phone number and address of where the children will be staying.… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody
Everyone knows what “nesting” means in the context of being pregnant, but what does it mean in the context of custody?  By definition, a bird’s nest custody arrangement is a shared physical custody schedule, whereby, children reside in one residence instead of being transferred between the two separate residences’ of the parents.  For example, instead… Continue Reading

Recent Changes in Pet Custody

Posted in Custody, Pets
It is estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.[1]  That equates to approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States own a dog, while approximately 30-37% of all households in the United States own a cat.  With these statistics, it is hard to believe that only… Continue Reading

Pitt/Jolie Ongoing Saga

Posted in Custody
On September 14, 2016, child abuse allegations were raised against Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt. The allegations were brought by Pitt’s now estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, the mother of his six children.  Now, after eight long weeks of investigations and Pitt not being able to share any quality time with his children, the Los Angeles County… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody, Visitation
As we approach the holiday season, clients often wonder how the first Christmas that the parties are separated will be handled, especially what will happen with the children.  Will Santa Claus really visit both Mom and Dad’s house?  Can the children eat two Christmas meals with turkey dinner at Grandma’s and Christmas Ham at Aunt… Continue Reading