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Fletcher Cox Case Brings Attention to the Claim of Alienation of Affection

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A lawsuit in North Carolina related to the end of a marriage has garnered a great deal of media coverage lately.  The Charlotte Observer reported that Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman, Fletcher Cox, is being sued by a Huntersville, North Carolina man.  The suit alleges Fletcher Cox seduced the man’s wife and ruined their marriage.… Continue Reading

How to Obtain Financial Support During a Divorce in New Jersey

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Many people facing divorce are nervous about filing the complaint for divorce because they are worried they won’t have enough money during the divorce litigation. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers, Shari B. Veisblatt and Amy Rukuson, discuss a motion that they can file early on in your case that will protect you during the divorce.  To see more helpful… Continue Reading

Can I Date After I Separate?

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Rumor has it that Miss Piggy, after separating from her long-time love Kermit the Frog last month, has publicly announced her readiness to begin dating again. In fact, a photograph recently surfaced in which Miss Piggy and Dancing with the Stars alumni Derek Hough were seen in a warm and intimate embrace.  Is this type… Continue Reading

Can I Be Legally Separated in Pennsylvania?

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As the song goes, there may be “fifty ways to leave your lover,” but none of them will constitute a legal separation in Pennsylvania.  A legal separation may only be decreed by a court, through a written order, which sets forth the specific terms under which a married couple will live separately.  Pennsylvania does not… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce, Separation
Some clients ask, “When can I start dating during my divorce process?” While you certainly can start dating, the better question is, should I start dating during the divorce process and how could it affect my case? Dating during a divorce can affect a case both emotionally as well as financially. However, certainly there are instances in which… Continue Reading

My spouse wants me out. Do I lose rights to the house by leaving?

Posted in Divorce, Marital Property, Separation
A prickly issue that may arise when parties separate is who gets to stay in the marital residence during the parties’ separation period. In Pennsylvania, both spouses have a right to be in and/or on a marital property that is owned or rented jointly by the parties. Generally, courts will not evict one party from… Continue Reading

How do I get a “legal separation” in Pennsylvania?

Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Marital Property, Pennsylvania, Separation, Support
You don’t! Unlike several other states, Pennsylvania does not require separating parties to go to court and request that a judge issue a formal decree separating the parties. Rather, separating parties in Pennsylvania may enter in to private agreements, setting forth the terms of their separation. Common issues that arise during the separation period are… Continue Reading