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How Computer Forensics Can Affect Your Divorce Case

Posted in Divorce, Social Media
As people spend more and more time on digital and electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, ipads, and computers), digital information becomes more relevant in divorce cases. Social media, computers and cell phones become very prominent in Pennsylvania divorce cases. This is largely because they are a great source of evidence. It is not uncommon for clients… Continue Reading

“You Can’t Fix Stupid” – The Effects of Social Media and Family Law

Posted in Social Media
I was watching the Today show and viewed a story about Whitney Beall, a twenty-three year old woman from Lakeland, Florida, who was arrested for drunk driving after several people witnessed her “antics” on Periscope, a live-steaming social media site. During her “twenty minutes of fame,” Ms. Beall can be witnessed slurring her speech, driving… Continue Reading

I have texts and Facebook posts that prove my spouse is cheating. Does this get admitted in my divorce case?

Posted in Infidelity, Pennsylvania, Social Media, Texting, Uncategorized
In a previous blog we posted about a spouses cheating and whether it’s a crime to spy on them. Following up with that post: On many occasions clients have wanted to know if the texts they have or the emails or Facebook posts depicting affairs or obscene behavior of their spouse will help them with… Continue Reading